Vegans! Question for you!

What are some things you snack on during the day? And when you have to pack lunch, what do you put in your lunch?

Please and thank you :)

For snacks, I’ll take fruit, pretzels, or granola. Sometime I pack these bad boys when I have overripe bananas. Boom Chicka Pop has a really good sea salt popcorn. 

For lunch, I make obnoxiously large salads or veggie wraps with hummus on the days I don’t go to the gym. On the days I go to the gym and need extra protein, I’ll take cut up carrots, peppers, and cucumbers with hummus and then make this “salad” for a lack of a better word that has black beans, corn, onions, and tofu cooked in whatever spices I’m feeling that day. Quinoa salads are also really good. 


PRed my deadlift today by 20 pounds! 125 lbs and feeling like a bad ass.
WOD was eh cause it was so hot in the box I thought I was dying.

THIS never gets old.

THIS never gets old.

Thruster? I barely know her.


Good morning! I had some crazy ass dream that my coach had is doing crossfit in the snow of the local bowling alley and we ran out of boxes for box jumps so we had to use a stool and a cardboard box.


This is my “it’s only Tuesday?” face.


Well behaved women rarely make history

-Eleanor Roosevelt

This quote was actually said by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich.